Mullaghglass landfill


Blackstaff Ecology was commissioned by Alpha Resource Management (part of the Lagan Group) to provide Ecological Consultancy advice for a landfill site on the outskirts of Belfast. As part of the EIA for the landfill site, a population of smooth newt (Lissotriton vulgaris) was identified within the quarry. Protected Species mitigation resulted in the construction of six ponds and associated habitat adjacent to the landfill. Heavy rain during December 2015 resulted in several of the ponds become choked with mud and inert sediment. This significantly reduced the available habitat available for the smooth newt population.

Our role

After discussions with the client our ecological advice on how to remove the sediment build-up and safeguard the protected species for which the ponds were constructed. A detailed method statement was
developed and contractors appointed to carry out the works to remove the sediment. Blackstaff Ecology obtained a Wildlife Licence from NIEA to allow the works to be completed and also provided Ecological
Clerk of Works (EcoW) supervision on the ground during the removal. All works were completed before the mid-March commencement of the breeding season for smooth newts.

  • CLIENT Mullaghglass landfill near Belfast County Antrim
  • YEAR 2015