Philip Leathem

Philip is an Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator & GIS Technician who Joined Blackstaff Ecology Ltd in October 2014. Philip has a Basic National UAS Certificate and permission to fly from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Philip primary role is the operation of the eBee (a fully autonomous professional mapping drone used to capture high-resolution aerial

Karl Hamilton

Karl has extensive experience in providing ecological consultancy advice, including habitat monitoring & management advice for a wide range of native flora & fauna. He has extensive experience in surveying, birds, mammals, herpetofauna, (extended) phase 1 and phase 2 (NVC) habitat survey and other protected species surveys. His recent consultancy work includes vantage point surveys

Dr. Brian Sutton

Brian has had 17 years’ experience as a professional ecologist, although he was involved in ecological projects for many years prior to this, mainly on a voluntary basis. Brian specialises in bird studies, but he is also an experienced habitat surveyor, with experience of most of the habitat types found within Northern Ireland. He has

Cormac Loughran

Cormac is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) who has worked as an ecological consultant since 2004 and who (since 2009) has specialised in providing ecological advice to the onshore wind industry. His work primarily involves the production of ecology chapters for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), along with the associated suite of ecological surveys. Since 2009 Cormac