Common lizard

The common or viviparous lizard is protected under national legislation across the island of Ireland

In order to determine presence or likely absence of lizards from a site, 4 to 5 survey visits between late March and late September is recommended during appropriate weather conditions. Adult lizards can often be located by searching under potential refugia such as stones, logs and debris such as sheets of metal. In order to facilitate survey artificial refugia in the form of corrugated tin sheets or rubber backed carpet tiles should ideally be placed in sunny areas around the site. These can then be checked regularly across the survey period during transect surveys to look for basking lizards on top of the refugia or resting underneath.

For presence/absence purposes, a recent study (Sewell et al. 2012) has shown that four to five survey visits (depending on species) are usually sufficient to detect 95% of occupied sites, at least for the commoner British reptile species. The same study suggested that at least 30 refugia should be laid for presence/absence purposes, but this number applied regardless of the size of site as long as the refugia were appropriately positioned