Aerial surveys

UAVs are taking over; whether it is surveying crops for agriculture, aerial photographs of high value real estate or complex pieces of national infrastructure.

The use of drones is here to stay. UAV’s can complete these tasks has very quickly become the most cost effective method for many businesses to employ.

We provide a complete aerial survey and photography service, using the latest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. We also carry out aerial surveys to collect topographical imagery and associated data for post-processing into 3D models.

Our aerial surveys are carried out using a fixed-wing UAV (called an eBee) developed by Sensefly. The eBee can map areas from 1.5 to 10km² in a single flight and has a flight time of up to 45 minutes. Its 16MP camera can capture images with a ground resolution of 3cm per pixel depending on image resolution and flight altitude.

Hundreds of vertical images are acquired during a flight, all of which are geo-referenced. These are then post-processed using the latest in image processing software to provide a wide range of bespoke outputs.


  • Orthorectified photography
  • High resolution photography
  • High Definition video
  • XYZ text files
  • 3D AutoCAD drawings
  • Point Cloud Data and 3D models
  • Geo-Referenced Digital Elevation Models
  • Geo-Referenced Digital Surface Models
  • Precision calculations and measurements (Volume/Area/Elevation)
  • Flythrough animations
  • All Data and imagery can be supplied in formats compatible with CAD, GIS and Google Earth.

Blackstaff Ecology is fully licensed to operate UAVs commercially by the Irish Aviation Authority and the UK Civil Aviation Authority.